When we are planning to move into a house, we always plan the interior. We want our dream house to look in a certain way, and this is important as it will decide the entire vibe of the house. The way our house looks on the inside is a reflection of how we feel as well, so we put our everything into making it a happier environment with the best ambiance. Not just the interiors, but it is also important to have a good exterior for your house, and having a good door is important.

Nowadays, you get several options, and it is also possible to have a door that matches your theme within. It is a great way to make your door more than just an entryway. For this, you can get the best house door designers in Ernakulum with the help of the Kolo app that is a one-stop solution for all your design-related needs. 

Here are the types of doors that you can get with the help of the Kolo app:

  1. Wooden doors: one of the most elegant types of doors is the wooden ones. There are different kinds of carvings on the door, and there is also an option to choose the suitable wood of your choice. Usually, Teak wood is recommended as it is one of the strongest woods and holds the door in good shape for years and years. The wood is polished, and there can be several designs carved on it according to what you like, and this can make the door look very beautiful. With the perfect lighting and set up at the entrance of your home, it makes the best view while entering the house. One of the important things to note about a wooden door is the carvings that can be made. The tradition of wood carving has been followed in the South Indian culture for ages. Therefore, you can get a highly skilled person to work upon your door with the help of the Kolo app and carve beautifully on the door. 
  2. Fibre door glass: One of the modern forms of doors is the fibreglass one as it is a mixture of fibre and glass and gives it a synthetic finish to the door. The door is strong and has various designs that you get to choose from, so you can pick the one you like if you are planning to go for a modern touch. 
  1. Glassdoor: This type of door is made fully with glass and is a great option for the entrance of places like a showroom or store or even your office. It has a beautiful design on top of it, so it gives the glass a good finish that looks very poised and elegant. It can also be made into a transparent, translucent, or opaque finish, and that choice is yours to make since there are a variety of options to choose from. 
  2. Metal door: This kind of door is made up of metal fully, but there are also options to get a mixture of wood with the metal where there are major carvings on the wooden door with metal, and it gives a modern look to the concept of a wooden door. The metal door is often used at the entrance of the house and gives it is a creative touch. 
  3. Double door: Since entrances can have various types of doors, one of the exquisite looking doors are the ones that have a double door, and this is a great option if you want to make your entrance look like a lavish place with planned accessories laid like a small plant or well-placed lights. 
  4. Ornamental doors: this is also one of the doors that make your entrance look extravagant. The ornamental door consists of a mixture of a metal carving with glass or wood, and there can also be idols that can be carved onto the door, making it look like a beautiful symbol of entrance that just brings positive vibes into the house that you have built. 
  5. Aluminium glazed door: This is also one of the options for a door as the ones glazed with a layer of aluminium make it lighter and easy to handle, unlike the heavy wooden ones. No matter what kind of door you are looking for, it can all be designed, and you can find the right designers for it on the Kolo app. 

So here are some of the types of doors that you can go for. If you are wondering why a door would be so important, then we would like to tell you about the significance of the same. 

  1. Doors are substantially more than simple entrances to your homes. They are a door into your life. They open up, giving individuals access to your reality. They are of prime significance in our lives. Our entryways are our watchmen, our safeguards that shield us from the world outside.
  2. There are countless intriguing events where entryways become the saints of our whole home design. Be it inviting the lady at home for the absolute first time or breaking the coconut at the entry during the Griha Pravesh, everything begins at the entryway. They are a necessary piece of all our celebratory minutes. Be it astonishing somebody with a gift or a bouquet, the second the doorbell rings, we hop with fervour and hurry to invite bliss.
  3. Delightful Rangolis are made on the way to check Diwali festivities inviting success and best of luck into our homes. Indeed, even Christmas and Eid festivities are fragmented without setting up enriching wreaths at the entryway. Every one of the celebrations starts from the entryway. It’s an entryway to different glad encounters.

With the help of the Kolo app, you will be able to find the right house door designers in Ernakulum, and it will be like the first step towards your dream home and how you always wanted it to look.